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Monument for the 40th Anniversary of King Gojong's Enthronement, Seoul
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Classification Historic Site
Name of Cultural Properties Monument for the 40th Anniversary of King Gojong's Enthronement, Seoul
Quantity 579㎡ (4 lots)
Designated Date 1969.07.18
Age Great Han Empire
Address 142-3, Sejong-no, Jongno-gu, Seoul

This monument was erected in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the enthronement of King Gojong and the 51st anniversary of the start of his reign (1902). It also commemorates the year when the new national name, Daehan, and the era name, Gwangmu, were adopted and Gojong was registered with Giroso (agency for the elderly). Giroso is a system wherein high-ranking civil officials over 70 years were treated respectfully, but King Gojong was registered at the age of 60 because the kings after King Taejo, the first king of Joseon Dynasty, died before reaching the age of 60. The entire style of the stele follows the typical style prevalent since the Unified Silla Period, but the tortoise-shaped pedestal, main body, and ornamental capstone show features of the style of the Joseon Dynasty. Constructed to protect the stele, the square building has 3 rooms in the front and on the side. A niche made on the rainbow-shaped stone over the gate to the building has the inscription of the name of the gate, “Mansemun,” and the carvings of different animals symbolizing the guardians of directions according to the theory of yin, yang, and five elements. Built right before the typical construction style of the early 20th century disappeared, this building, together with other buildings in Deoksugung Palace, is an important cultural material for the study of construction history.