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Ginkgo Tree of Ungok-ri, Hamyang
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Classification Natural Monument
Name of Cultural Properties Ginkgo Tree of Ungok-ri, Hamyang
Quantity 2,504㎡ (Protected area)
Designated Date 1999.04.06
Address 779, Ungok-ri, Seoha-myeon, hamyang-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do

A ginkgo tree can be as old as a fossil. Introduced with Confucianism and Buddhism from China, the trees are found in Japan, China, and Korea. The ginkgo tree has beautiful leaves in fall, undamaged by harmful insects, and provides large, cool shade. Therefore, it is often planted as an arbor or a roadside tree. The ginkgo tree in Ungok-ri, Hamyang is about 800 years old, with height of approximately 38m and girth of about 8.75m. This ginkgo tree stands at the entrance to the village and was planted when the village was settled. For the reason, the village was often named "ginkgo tree arbor" or "ginkgo tree village." According to local legend, a person disrespected this ginkgo tree met very bad lucks. It has also been told according to feng shui that the town shaped like a ship and there this tree played the role as a main mast, which kept the town advancing. For this reason, the ginkgo tree in Ungok-ri, Hamyang has been preserved well by descendants for a long time, and it is designated and protected as a Natural Monument.