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National Treasure 75

Bronze Incense Burner with Silver-inlaid Design of Pyochungsa Temple
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Classification National Treasure 75
Name of Cultural Properties Bronze Incense Burner with Silver-inlaid Design of Pyochungsa Temple
Quantity 1 Item
Designated Date 1962.12.20
Age King Myeongjong of Goryeo Period
Address Gyeongsangnam-do Miryang-si
This bronze incense burner of Pyochungsa Temple in Miryang, Gyeongsangnam-do has height of 27.5 centimeters and mouth dimension of 26.1 centimeters.

The censer is lavishly decorated with inlaid silver designs.

The incense burner exhibits the typical style of Goryeo incense burners, consisting of a semispherical body with wide rim and a tubular stem on a flared circular base.

The curve between the bowl and the tubular stem in the middle and the ledge made along the circular foot contribute to the increased sense of stability.

The 1:1 ratio between height and width also realizes outstanding balance and proportion.

On the upper surface of the rim are six silver-inlaid circles arranged at equal distances from each other, each containing a Brahmic script -- also silver-inlaid -- and cloud motifs in between.

On the outer surface of the body are four more Brahmic scripts, all contained in circles and there are cloud and dragon motifs on the foot.

All these fine decorative motifs combined with the near perfect form of the censer are considered a clear example of the outstanding achievements made by Goryeo artisans in metal craft and the art of silver inlaying.

Inside the rim is a silver-inlaid inscription of 57 characters stating that the incense burner was made in 1177, showing that it is the oldest existing censer of this type.

Another inscription remaining inside the foot shows that it was made for Yongheungsa Temple in Changnyeong, but no one knows how it arrived in Pyochungsa Temple.