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Hanging Painting of Sinwonsa Temple (Rocana Buddha)
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Classification National Treasure
Name of Cultural Properties Hanging Painting of Sinwonsa Temple (Rocana Buddha)
Quantity 1 Item
Designated Date 1997.09.22
Age King Injo of Joseon Period
Address Chungcheongnam-do Gongju-si

Gwaebul is a large Buddhist painting that is hung at the front garden of the sanctuary during sermons or ceremonies. This gwaebul was produced in 1644 (the 22nd year of King Injo). Instead of the avatar Sakyamuni, this picture captures the scene of Nosanabul preaching the truth to the crowd alone. It is 11.18m in length and 6.88m in width. With the head of the Bodhisattvas, Nosanabul in the center, there are the ten Bodhisattvas and the ten disciples, the Four Guardian Kings to both sides. In the center of Nosanabul's head is an image of a Buddha with fingers pointing downwards in the shape of jigwonin, which means that the minds of Buddha and the crowd are the same. There are four images of Buddhas to the right and left side. It is written in Chinese character, in the aura ‘Wonmanbosin nosanabul’. The hands are rather large for the body and the palms are lifted upwards in the position of preaching, or in the shape of seolbeobin. The clothes are painted in green, red and pink. The surroundings are painted in 5 colors representing light. To the right and left side of Nosanabul, the head bodhisattva, are the ten Bodhisattvas. The ten Bodhisattvas can be identified through the things they carry and the color of their clothes. The ten disciples above the ten Bodhisattvas are depicted in detail. The direction their faces are looking to, the expression on their faces, their clothes and belongings are all drawn with care. This gwaebul is a representative Buddhist painting of the 17th century that is well-wrought in terms of structure, delicate in expression and various in the use of colors.