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Treasure 273

Stupa of Master Jeokin at Taeansa Temple, Gokseong
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Classification Treasure 273
Name of Cultural Properties Stupa of Master Jeokin at Taeansa Temple, Gokseong
Quantity 1 stupa
Designated Date 1963.01.21
Age Unified Silla Period
Address Taeansa Temple 622-215, Taean-ro, Jukgok-myeon, Gokseong-gun, Jeollanam-do

This stupa is dedicated to the great zen master Jeoginseonsa Hyecheol, the founder of the Taeansa Temple, with the monk's sarira in it.

The Taeansa Temple is famous for having served as one of the centers for the nine major Zen Orders during the Silla period called Gusanseonmun, and Hyecheol contributed to the development the Dongisan Order to which the temple belongs.

Reflective of the typical octagonal style of stone stupas of the Silla period, this stupa is octagonal from its three-tiered base to its rooftop.

The trapezoid part of the pedestal is decorated with a lion pattern.

Symbolic images of the elephant’s eyes are carved on each side of the middle pedestal and lotus petal patterns on the top pedestal.

The main portion is decorated with Four Guardian Kings, and door-shaped designs are carved on the front and the back side.

The roof stone is sharply upturned at the corners.

The ornamental top portion, also made of stone, is relatively well preserved, consisting of a base called noban, bokbal (over-turned bowl), boryun (mast with nine discs) and boju (finial).

The elaborately carved patterns and images, the graceful body and the well preserved structure make this stupa one of the greatest stoneworks from the Unified Silla period.

According to the epigraph on the memorial stone standing beside the stupa, it was in 861 (the 1st year of the reign of King Gyeongmun of Silla) that Hyecheol died.

The stupa is believed to have been erected in the same year.