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Treasure 316

Stele for State Preceptor Woneung at Unmunsa Temple, Cheongdo
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Classification Treasure 316
Name of Cultural Properties Stele for State Preceptor Woneung at Unmunsa Temple, Cheongdo
Quantity 1 stele
Designated Date 1963.01.21
Age Goryeo Period
Address Gyeongsangbuk-do Cheongdo-gun
Unmunsa Temple was built by Sinseung in the 21st year of King Jinheung (560) of Silla, and was reconstructed by Wongwang, the writer of Sesogogye, (The Five Commandments for the Common People) in the 30th year of King Jinpyeong (608).

The stele at Unmunsa Temple records the achievements of State Preceptor Woneung of the mid-Goryeo Dynasty, who became a Master in 1109 after spreading Hwaeom ideas and studying Cheontae doctrines in Song dynasty China and entered Nirvana at Unmunsa Temple in 1144, the 22nd year of the reign of King Injong.

His achievements are recounted on the front side of the stele, while the names of his pupils are written on its back in a printed style.

It is partly broken, so that the date of its foundation is not known.

The assumption is that it was built after 1145, the year following his entering into Nirvana at 93 years of age, judging from the epitaph on stele that King Injong appointed him as the State Preceptor after his death and ordered Yun Eon-i for its writing.

The stele consists of stylobate, body and capstone.

But stylobate and capstone are missing, while the body of the stele which was divided into three parts has been reconstructed.