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Stone Seated Bhaisajyaguru Buddha of Jikjisa Temple, Gimcheon
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Classification Treasure
Name of Cultural Properties Stone Seated Bhaisajyaguru Buddha of Jikjisa Temple, Gimcheon
Quantity 1 Buddha statue
Designated Date 1963.01.21
Age Unified Silla Period
Address Gyeongsangbuk-do Gimcheon-si

The Buddha statue and the mandorla (Buddhist halo of light) of Jikjisa Temple were made from one rock. The usnisa (a protuberance symbolizing supreme wisdom), shaped like a topknot, is large on top of the bald head. The face is severely damaged so the details are not visible, but it is round and plump. There are samdo, i.e. the three wrinkles on the neck, and the beobui (sacerdotal robe) hanging over the left shoulder has stair-like parallel folds. The right hand is on top of the knee and with fingertips downwards, while the left hand is holding a medicine case, showing this is a statue of Bhaisajyaguru Buddha (Medicine Buddha). The mandorla, which gives form to the light coming from the body, is wide and shapeless. There are arabesque patterns near the head and body and spark patterns on the edges of the mandorla. The details of this statue are not clear and the patterns on the mandorla are inferior, suggesting this is a Buddha of late Unified Silla Dynasty style.