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Stupa of State Preceptor Bogak and Stele at Ingaksa Temple, Gunwi

군위 인각사 보각국사탑 및 비 ( 軍威 麟角寺 普覺國師塔 및 碑 )

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Classification Treasure
Name of Cultural Properties Stupa of State Preceptor Bogak and Stele at Ingaksa Temple, Gunwi
Quantity 1 stupa and 1 stele
Designated Date 1965.09.01
Age Goryeo Period
Address Ingaksa Temple 250, Samgugyusa-ro, Goro-myeon, Gunwi-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do

This stupa and memorial stele are dedicated to Ilyeon, also known as State Preceptor Bogak, one of the great religious figures of the Goryeo Dynasty who entered Nirvana in 1289 (the 15th year of the reign of King Chungnyeol). His diverse achievements range from the authorship of Samguk yusa (Memorabilia of the Three Kingdoms) to the great devotion he showed in looking after his aged mother at Ingaksa Temple. It is said that when the sun rises in the morning, light radiates from the stupa and shines over the nearby tomb of Ilyeon’s mother. The octagonal stupa rests on the untrimmed bottom stone of the stylobate, the upper side of which has a steep slope. The middle octagonal stone of the stylobate is also octagonal and is engraved with obscure animal figures. The upper stone of the stylobate is octagonal and is engraved with simple patterns of lotus flowers. Its name, Bogakguksa Jeongjojitap, is inscribed on the front of the octagonal main body while its rear side is engraved with a door design. The remaining six sides are decorated with standing images of the Four Guardian Kings and bodhisattvas standing on the lotus flower. The thick eaves of the roof stone turn slowly upward. The surface of the roof is relatively steep, and an ornamental flower sculpture is attached to each edge of the roof. IN addition, the large finial is placed on top of the roof stone. The monument was erected by Beopjin, a disciple of State Preceptor Bogak, while its inscription was composed by Minji, a famous writer of the time, at the king’s command. Unfortunately, the stele is quite badly damaged, so a copy of the stele’s inscription has been preserved at Woljeongsa Temple, Odaesan Mountain. According to the inscription, the stele was built in 1295 (the 21st year of the reign of King Chungnyeol of the Goryeo Dynasty). Thus, it is also assumed that the stupa was erected sometime between 1289 (the death of Ilyeon) and 1295.