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Treasure 678

East and West Three-story Stone Pagodas of Unmunsa Temple, Cheongdo
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Classification Treasure 678
Name of Cultural Properties East and West Three-story Stone Pagodas of Unmunsa Temple, Cheongdo
Quantity 2 stone pagodas
Designated Date 1980.09.16
Age Silla Period
Address Unmunsa Temple 264, Unmunsa-gil, Unmun-myeon, Cheongdo-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Unmunsa Temple is famous as the place where a monk named Iryeon published the book Samguk yusa.

Also, other cultural assets such as a stone lantern, a stone pillar carved with images of the Four Guardian Kings, a stone stele for Monk Woneungguksa and a seated stone Buddha make the temple attractive to the visitors.

The temple has two pagodas of the same size and style with two stories in the platform and three stories in the main part.

The composition of the pagoda reflects the general style of Silla pagodas.

The pillar decoration is engraved at each story of the platform.

In particular images of the Eight Guardian Deities in sitting position are engraved at the top story of the platform.

Assembled into one piece, the roof and the core stone form one story of the main part of the pagoda.

The core stone has a pillar pattern engraved in the corner.

The roof stone is supported by the five-layer strut.

In the finial, the decorations have been layered in an order since the original construction.

The two pillars placed on the center of the bottom platform but one at the top shows that the pagoda was built around the ninth century, as does the four-layer strut for the roof stone in the main part of the pagoda.

With the pagoda on the verge of collapse due to the ruined platform, repair work was carried out in the Japanese colonial period.

The Eight Guardian Deities were added to the original pagoda during this work