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Treasure 835

Daeungbojeon Hall of Unmunsa Temple, Cheongdo
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Classification Treasure 835
Name of Cultural Properties Daeungbojeon Hall of Unmunsa Temple, Cheongdo
Quantity 1 building
Designated Date 1985.01.08
Age Joseon Period
Address Unmunsa Temple 264, Unmunsa-gil, Unmun-myeon, Cheongdo-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do
First built during the Silla Period, Unmunsa Temple has been repaired several times.

The temple was moved to the present site in the 44th year of the reign of King Sukjong (1718) of Joseon, when it was repaired for the fourth time.

Daeungbojeon, with 3-kan (a unit of measurement referring to the distance between two columns) front space and 3-kan side space, is presumed to have been constructed at that time.

As the space between the columns of the hall is wider than that of other buildings, it has a larger floor space than other buildings of comparable dimensions.

It has a hip and gable roof called paljakjibung.

Multi-cluster brackets are placed not only on the column tops, but also on the outer tie beams between the columns.

This building style is known as dapo style.

Unlike the heavily decorated bracketing of the late Joseon Dynasty, the hall's bracketing has a simple structure with less decoration.

Inside the hall only one pillar is erected to support the ceiling, creating a spacious room.

The center section of the ceiling, painted in bright colors, is latticed.

The hall has flower-patterned doors at the front.

Due to its greater size, the center front of one room has a five-leaf door.

The building is representative of the architectural methods and style of the mid Joseon Dynasty.