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Buddhist Painting in Daeungjeon Hall of Hwaeomsa Temple (Buddha Triad)
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Classification Treasure
Name of Cultural Properties Buddhist Painting in Daeungjeon Hall of Hwaeomsa Temple (Buddha Triad)
Quantity 3
Designated Date 2003.02.03
Age King Yeongjo of Joseon Period
Address Jeollanam-do Gurye-gun

This painting is composed of three cuts: Vairocana Buddha at the center, Rocana Buddha to the left, and Shakyamuni Buddha to the right. The one for Vairocana Buddha displays the following, surrounding Vairocana Buddha symmetrically: Manjusri Bodhisattva, Samantadhadra Bodhisattva, eight other leading bodhisattvas, four other bodhisattvas, six Buddhas, and saints wearing lion and elephant masks. The main Buddha sits cross-legged with a mandorla set behind him. His hands make the gesture of knowledge-fist mudra. His facial features look neat. He assumes a sitting posture that gives a sense of stability, with large beads on the topknot and near the forehead. He has long ears. The pink and light green scrolling vine patterns adorning the lapels of the robe give a pleasant atmosphere to the otherwise dreary looking painting.