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Treasure 1888

Buddhist Painting of Cheoneunsa Temple, Gurye (Three Bodhisattvas)
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Classification Treasure 1888
Name of Cultural Properties Buddhist Painting of Cheoneunsa Temple, Gurye (Three Bodhisattvas)
Quantity 1 panel
Designated Date 2016.02.22
Age King Yeongjo of Joseon Period
Address Jeollanam-do Gurye-gun
This painting of the three bodhisattvas ruling over the three realms was produced in 1776 for enshrinement in Geungnakjeon Hall at Cheoneunsa Temple.

Paintings of the triple bodhisattvas began to be produced in the sixteenth century, and many such paintings produced by Joseon artists can still be seen today.

In this particular work, the artist included a postscript containing the names of the bodhisattvas and their followers, making it a unique source of knowledge on the composition of, and the figures in, such paintings.

The painting is also regarded as an important material for understanding the relationship between three-bodhisattva paintings and the protocols of the Waterland Dharma Function.