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Natural Monument

Chinese Pear of Eunsusa Temple, Jinan

진안 은수사 청실배나무 ( 鎭安 銀水寺 청실배나무 )

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Classification Natural Monument
Name of Cultural Properties Chinese Pear of Eunsusa Temple, Jinan
Quantity 1,600㎡ (Protected area)
Designated Date 1997.12.30
Address 3, Dongchon-ri, Maryeong-myeon, Jinan-gun, Jeollabuk-do

The Chinese pear tree grows near the house or in the mountain. Its leaves are totally oval with serrate edge. Both sides of the leaf have firm texture but no hair. The color of its fruits is brown or green but it turns to yellow as the fruits become ripe in fall. The tree in Eunsusa Temple, Jinan is about 640 years old, with height of 15m and girth of 2.48m. It is the tree known to be seeded by King Taejo himself in Joseon, as a token of gratitude after praying in Maisan Mountain, where the temple is located. So the villagers have been proud of the legend. Furthermore, the Chinese pear tree is a very rare endemic Korean species and is known to exist only in Eunsusa Temple until now. Therefore, it is designated and protected as a Natural Monument for its importance in the preservation of species and scientific value.