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Classification Treasure 326
Name of Cultural Properties Relics Related to Yi Sun-sin
Designated Date 1963.01.21
Age King Seonjo of Joseon Period
Owner National Property
Manager Hyeonchungsa Shrine
There are relics of Admiral Yi Sun-sin in his memorial hall, Hyeonchungsa Shrine in Asan-gun, Chungcheongnam-do.

When Yi Sun-sin (1545~1598) was born, his family was poor because his father was unwilling to take a post in government.

Nevertheless, his mother Byeon trained him strictly, so that he was later able to become a good general.

At the age of 28, he failed the exam for the military because he fell off his horse.

After four years, he passed the exam and won a commission in 1576, the ninth year of the reign of King Seonjo.

Following a difficult time as an official, he was assigned as Commander of the Left Jeolla Province Naval District at the age of 47.

He foresaw the Japanese invasion and so saved war expenditure.

He also created the Turtle Ship and prepared for war.

In 1592, the invasion started.

Admiral Yi analyzed the situation before he attacked the enemy and won a sweeping victory in the naval battles of Hansando Island, Okpo, and Myeongnyang.

Unfortunately, he was shot and dead during the Battle of Noryang (1598).

He is an immortal figure in Korean history, the great naval commander with a noble spirit, courage and leadership.

He was posthumously granted the title of ‘Chungmu’.

His relics, including Nanjung ilgi (War Diary of Admiral Yi Sun-sin) are preserved in Hyeonchungsa Shrine.

Among his relics, there are two 197.5 cm long swords, an ongno, which appears to have been a hat decoration, a belt, and a pair of peach-shaped goblets, all things used by Admiral Yi during the war.

They are valuable remains which are imbued with his sublime spirit.