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Report on the whole process of the royal costume conservation, the last queen of Joseon Dynasty
International Cooperation Division

- Cultural Heritage Conservation Science Center, Publishing theInsight for Textile Conservation -

The Cultural Heritage Conservation Science Center, National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage under Cultural Heritage Administration published a report,Insight for Textile Conservation on the seven costumes of royal women in Joseon Dynasty, including Donggungbi Wonsam, National Folklore Cultural Heritage No. 48 and Jeon-Wangbi Dangui, National Folklore Cultural Heritage No. 103 (in Sejong University Museum) for which the conservation treatment was completed in 2018.


The report outlines the history of the collection and cultural heritage management of the costumes, as well as the conservation process of the precious royal robes, such as Donggungbi Wongsam, Jeon-Wangbi Dangui, Gwanghwadang Wongsam and Tohwnagsaek-Myeongju Jeogori(Orcherous Tabby Jacket) believed to belong to Princess Cheongyeon. In addition to the results of the analysis of the gold threads which are the core of the study of the royal costume, and the discussion by experts on the background of the formation of the gold decorative pattern of the Wonsam(ceremonial robe) which is a ceremonial costume for noble ladies. Also it included the research on Wonsam, Dangui and Hwalot of Brooklyn Museum collection in the appendix. In particular, the report shows the royal costumes through detailed photos and provides explanations in English as well as Korean for domestic and foreign experts to use it for reference. It is hoped that this will be a good precedent for the conservation treatment of government-designated cultural heritages such as understanding of the royal family's costume including the Wonsam, the scientific research methods and conservation treatments.


Meanwhile, starting with this time's Insight for Textile Conservation, the Cultural Heritage Conservation Science Center will publish a follow-up report on the conservation of garments belonging to Yi Danha and his wife (National Folklore Cultural Heritage No. 4) and the relics of Princess Myeongan, (Treasure No. 1220). In addition, an international academic symposium on the conservation of textile cultural heritages will be held at the beginning of November 2020 regarding the research methodologies on new textile cultural heritages, technology for conservation treatments and case studies for conservation of important costume cultural heritages.


Contact : Cultural Heritage Conservation Science Center, National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage

Jongseo PARK(Senior researcher, 042-860-9371), Boyeon AN(researcher,042-860-9380)



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