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Online Lecture Series ‘Understanding World Heritage Interpretation and Presentation’
International Cooperation Division

Online Lecture Series ‘Understanding World Heritage Interpretation and Presentation’

CHA to hold 6 lectures (Sep-Nov) via YouTube and Facebook livecast



- Department In Charge: CHA World Heritage Division / The Preparatory Office

- Staff In Charge: Kim Jihong(042-481-3181) / Kim Deok-soon (063-230-9750)


The preparatory office for the International Centre for the Interpretation and Presentation of the World Heritage Sites under the auspices of UNESCO (hereinafter the Centre), an organization sponsored by the Cultural Heritage Administration (hereinafter CHA), will be holding an online lecture series titled Understanding World HeritageInterpretation and Presentation, starting on 10 September 2020.


The International Centre for the Interpretation and Presentation of the World Heritage Sites under the auspices of UNESCO is a UNESCO Category 2 Centre implementing UNESCO strategies through research, education and training, and information dissemination in the field of world heritage interpretation and presentation (Establishment approved at 40thUNESCO General Conference, Nov 2019).


The CHA (Administrator Chung Jae-suk) presents the lecture series prepared in collaboration with leading scholars and experts on world heritage as the first pilot project of the preparatory office.


UNESCO and the international community have been protecting shared assets of world heritage and contributing to sustainable development through a wide range of conservation activities withthe adoption of the 1972 World Heritage Convention (194 States Parties). Recently, the need to understand heritage interpretation and presentation has been highlighted in academic and public discourses, which amongst others capitalises the value of world heritage as a signifier of history, meaning, andculture.


There will be 3 series (18 lectures) in total, with 6 lectures in the 1st series to be conducted this year from September to November under the theme of UNESCOWorld Heritage and Heritage Interpretation. The 1st series of lectures will be conducted twice a month starting from 10 September 2020 at 22:00 (Korean Standard Time) with a lecture by NeilSilberman, Professor at the University of Massachusetts – Amherst, titled Introductionto World Heritage Interpretation. He will be followed by William Logan, Professor Emeritus at DeakinUniversity, UNESCO World Heritage Listing & World HeritageInterpretation on 17th September.


In October, ▲ Shu-Mei Huang, Professor at National Taiwan University, will deliver a lecture on World Heritage Interpretation for Cultural Reconciliation(Oct 7) and Yujie Zhu, Senior Lecturer at The Australian National University, on the 1972 World Heritage Convention & World Heritage Interpretation on 22nd October. On 12th November, Peter Bille Larsen, Senior Lecturer at the University of Geneva, Department of Anthropology, will be speaking about Minority-Inclusive World Heritage Interpretation and Gamini Wijesuriya, Special Advisor, International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property, on Comprehensive World Heritage Interpretation on 26th November. The second and third series will be held next year.


The lectures will be made available to the public via the CHA and the preparatory offices’ YouTube channels and Facebook pages. Each lecture session consists of a 30-minute presentation and a 15-minute Q&A session. It will be publicly accessiblefor viewing without prior registration.


The lectures and Q&A sessions will be conducted in English. Videos of the sessions will be uploaded to the aforementioned social networking platforms with Korean subtitle after the eventto be viewed at any time.

* CHA Youtube and Facebook:, 


* Centre Preparatory Office Youtube and Facebook:


* The time of other lectures will be adjusted according to the local time in the region of the speaker’s residence, and it will be announced in advance on the preparatory office’s YouTube channel and Facebook page.


The CHA expects that the lecture series can offer new perspectives on world heritage and hopes to find a way for our understanding of world heritage to contribute to international reconciliation and peace. Significantly, the CHA plans to develop projects forthe centre’s medium and long-term operational plan and its key functions.


Programme Schedule

Date               September– November 2020

Venue            Online

YouTube      (

Facebook      (

Language     English

Host              CulturalHeritage Administration

Organizer    Preparatory Office for the Centre






10th September


Introduction to World Heritage Interpretation

Neil Silberman

University of Massachusetts Amherst


17th September

(Time TBD)

UNESCO World Heritage Listing & World Heritage Interpretation

William Logan

Deakin University




World Heritage Interpretation for Cultural Reconciliation

Shu-Mei Huang

National Taiwan University




1972 World Heritage Convention & World Heritage Interpretation

Yujie Zhu

The Australian National University


12th November

Minority-Inclusive World Heritage Interpretation

Peter Bille Larsen

University of Geneva


26th November

Comprehensive World Heritage Interpretation

Gamini Wijesuriya



2. Event Poster

World Heritage Interpretation and Presentation Online Lecture series poster ©Preparatory Office


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