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    • Oryukdo Islets, Busan
    • Oryukdo Islets, Busan
    • Oryukdo Islets, Busan
    • Oryukdo Islets, Busan
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 Classification Scenic Site   24
 Name of Cultural
Oryukdo Islets, Busan
 Quantity 28,189㎡(Designated Area)
 Designated Date 2007.10.01
 Address 936, Yongho-dong, Nam-gu, Busan  Nam-gu  Busan
 Owner Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries
 Manager Nam-gu Office, Busan
 Description A group of rocky islets, Oryukdo Islets are located approximately 600 meters south-southeast of Seungdumal on the northern shore of Busan.

Located side by side, the five islets look like six when viewed at high tide from Busan since one of the islets is submerged, leaving its two peaks above the sea; hence the name Oryukdo, meaning "five or six islets." From the nearest to the mainland, the islets are Usakdo (divided into Bangpaeseom and Solseom Islets at high tide), Suriseom, Songgotseom, Gulseom, and Deungdaeseom.

Each has exquisite natural scenery featuring almost vertical coastal cliffs, marine plateaus, and sea caves created by wave erosion.

The exotic marine topography, wild flora and fauna untouched by humans for a long time, and blue sea constitute the islets' fascinating environment.

The sea route in front of the islets occupies an important place in the nation's history of maritime transportation.

Legendary trader Jang Bo-go (787-846), commissioner of Cheonghaejin Fort, used the route for trade with China and Japan.

It is still a major ocean gateway to Korea.

Since the ancient times, the islets have also inspired poets and painters.

Many songs and poems have been written about the islets, which have become the sentimental emblem of Busan citizens.