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 Classification Registered Cultural Heritage   359
 Name of Cultural
United Nations Memorial Cemetery in Korea (UNMCK)
 Kind of Cultural
 Designated Date 2007.10.24
 Address 93 Yuenpyeonghwa-ro, Daeyeon-dong and others  Nam-gu  Busan
 Owner UN Commemoration Park in Korea, International Management Committee
 Description This place is a sacred ground made by UN Headquarters in 1951 in order to bury the UN forces who died in the Korean War broken out in 1950.

This is the only UN cemetery officially certified by the United Nations.

This place has the history of heart-aching tragedy of fratricidal war in the Korean history of modern times and in terms of the world history, it bears in mind that the international cooperative spirit is very important in order to maintain the peace of the world.

Therefore, this cemetery is the great relics which have the historic and symbolic meaning.

This park is composed of graveyards where 2,300 rains of the dead, dispatched from 11 countries, were buried, a memorial tower, a memorial monument of fallen soldiers.

And a memorial hall and the main gate designed by a famous architect, Kim Jungeop are still there.

Especially, the design of the inside of the memorial hall reflects the 16 countries which joined the War and for its outer appearance, multi-nation and multi-religion were taken into consideration and the main gate abstractly expresses the Korean traditional molding and has the architectural value.