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 Classification Registered Cultural Heritage   359
 Name of Cultural
United Nations Memorial Cemetery in Korea (UNMCK), Busan
 Kind of Cultural
 Quantity Area of 144,902㎡
 Designated Date 2007.10.24
 Address 93, Yuenpyeonghwa-ro, Nam-gu, Busan  Nam-gu  Busan
 Owner Commission for the United Nations Memorial Cemetery in Korea
 Description This place is a sacred ground for the deceased soldiers of UN forces who died in the Korean War.

This is the only UN cemetery officially certified by the United Nations.

This cemetery consists of 2,300 deceased soldiers of different nationalities including the U.S., England, and Turkey.

There are also gates and memorial hall designed by Kim Jung-eop the architect.

The entrance exhibits abstract expression of Korea’s traditional formativeness.

The memorial design expresses the respect for 16 nations that entered the war, and the exterior was designed in consideration with multinational and multi-religion theme.

This cemetery is very meaningful as the historical symbol and reminder of the Korean War.