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National Treasure  Treasure   Historic Site
Historic and Scenic Site Important Folklore Cultural Heritage    

living residence
     residence architect of residence
     architect of garden modern residene
     tomb royal tomb modern tomb
politics& military
     Royal palace & government office wall
     site of military record
     modern politic & military
     agriculture fishing,salt manufacture
     manufacture , ceramic industry
     mining modern industry
transport & communication
     transport communication
     modern transport & communication
religion & belief
     buddhism catholic christian
     people's belief folk belief
     education system modern education
people & event
     people in history
     people in recent history
site of relics , distribution of cultural site
     relics in land relics under water
     distribution of cultural site

Prehistoryic Age Stone Age Bronze Age Iron Age
Three Kingdoms Goguryeo Baekje Silla
Gaya Balhae Unified Silla Goryeo
Great Han Empire Japanese Imperialism Not recognized