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Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity
Korean heritage items may be inscribed on the UNESCO list or register under a different name from the one being used in the national designation system.
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    Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity
    World Heritage
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    Cultural Heritage
    A subject must represent a masterpiece of creative artistic or aesthetic achievement.
    A subject may be an architectural structure, a garden and landscape design, or related artistic and cultural properties which have remarkably influenced the lives of people of a certain cultural zone or of a certain period of time.
    A subject must be old and unique or incredibly rare.
    A subject may represent an unprecedented and superior architectural style that has contributed to the advancement of society, arts, science and technology, or industry.
    A subject may be a superior and rare case of a traditional piece of engineering or architecture which can easily be destroyed by natural inclemency or easily damaged by unavoidable cultural or economic changes.
    A subject may represent an ideology, thought, photographs, or persons which have great historic significance.
    Natural Heritage
    A conspicuous case representing some stage of the evolution of the earth
    A conspicuous case indicating an important geographical change progressing today, biological evolution, or an interaction between man and nature
    A superior and rare case of an unprecedented natural phenomenon, an ecosystem that is significant for people's lives, a natural formation, topography, or place, a habitat of great herds of animals, or a natural reserve covered with a wide range of plants
    A habitat where a rare or dwindling species of animal or plant still survives, including one where a considerable number of animals or plants are concentrated which share universal interest and importance
    Qualifications Other than those Aforementioned
    A property concerned must have authenticity.
    Proper legal support and provisions to protect the property concerned must be prepared and secured.
    If public viewing of a property is allowed, evidence of a proper system of management and administration system must be submitted.
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