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Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity
Korean heritage items may be inscribed on the UNESCO list or register under a different name from the one being used in the national designation system.
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    Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity
    World Heritage
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    Registration Procedure
    Application for the UNESCO Tentative List
    In order to apply for registration of a property as a cultural or natural heritage of UNESCO, an application for the UNESCO Tentative List should be submitted first.
    Selection of a Heritage for Application
    After full deliberation by the Cultural Properties Committee, the Office of Cultural Properties of Korea selects the heritage.
    Submission of the Application to UNESCO by July 1
    Submission of three sets of the application in English following the prescribed form and of additional materials (photographs, slides, videotape, etc.)
    1st Evaluation:
    Jan. ~ Apr. of the Year Following Submission

    Non-governmental organizations, such as the International Council of Monuments Sites (ICOMOS) or the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN), dispatches experts on the nation concerned and makes evaluation after site evaluation.

    - World Cultural Heritage: ICOMOS
    - World Natural Heritage: IUCN
    2nd Evaluation:
    Jun. ~ Jul., the Year Following Submission

    The steering committee of the World Heritage Committee (WHC) examines the result of the first evaluation and makes one of the four following responses to the WHC:

    - An unconditional recommendation that the heritage concerned be registered on the World Heritage List
    - A recommendation that the WHC not register the heritage concerned
    - Return of the application for the property concerned to the secretary general of WHC for additional material
    - A request for further time to study the application
    3rd Evaluation:
    Jul. ~ Nov. of the Year Following Submission

    The secretary general of WHC mails the report and evaluation made by the steering committee and requests any additional material needed from the country which applied for the heritage concerned. The secretary general of WHC requests the 21 member countries and ICOMOS to examine the submitted material and documentation.
    Final Deliberation and Decision:
    Dec. of the Year Following Submission

    The final deliberation, decision, and promulgation of the submitted heritage concerned takes place in the General Assembly of WHC.
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