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Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity
Korean heritage items may be inscribed on the UNESCO list or register under a different name from the one being used in the national designation system.
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    Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity
    World Heritage
    About World Heritage
    Qualifications | Registration Procedure | Effects of Registration | UNESCO World Heritage Committee(WHC) | Status of UNESCO World Heritage
    Effects of Registration
    After registration, domestic and overseas tourism will increase, which will have a ripple effect on job creation and income. It also can improve regional planning and management by increased government interest and support. Residents will feel greater love for their home and will give more importance to and take more responsibility for the preservation of the registered heritage.
    Ownership Rights
    Registration as a World Heritage does not infringe the right of ownership nor give any influence. Ownership rights are the same as before and domestic laws continue apply.
    International Cooperation and Support
    The World Heritage Fund will provide financial backing and special preservation technology with registration as a World Heritage.
    Preservation and Management of the Registered Heritage
    Member countries of the World Heritage Agreements will monitor the condition of the registered heritage. The World Heritage Center or other international organizations will report the condition of the registered heritage when it confronts any danger.
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