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Yeongsanjeon Hall of Geojosa Temple, Yeongcheon

영천 거조사 영산전 ( 永川 居祖寺 靈山殿 )

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Classification National Treasure
Name of Cultural Properties Yeongsanjeon Hall of Geojosa Temple, Yeongcheon
Quantity 1 Building
Designated Date 1962.12.20
Age Early Joseon
Address Geojoam Hermitage, Eunhaesa Temple, 400-67, Geojo-gil, Cheongtong-myeon, Yeongcheon, Gyeongsangbuk-do

Originally named Haeansa, Eunhaesa Temple is said to have been built in 809 (the first year of the reign of King Heondeok of the Silla Dynasty). It was renovated numerous times due to fire. Geojoam Hermitage was constructed much earlier than Eunhaesa Temple, to which it now belongs. Yeongsanjeon, the main hall of Geojoam Hermitage, was built in 1375 (the first year of the reign of King U of the Goryeo Dynasty) in the precincts of Eunhaesa Temple, and houses a statue of Buddha and 526 stone Arhats. This building measures seven kan (a unit of measurement referring to the distance between two columns) at the front and three kan at the sides, and has a gabled roof supported by a simple column bracket system. Yeongsanjeon Hall is regarded as an important cultural heritage as it represents the early days of the column bracket style.