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Seven-story Brick Pagoda at Beopheungsa Temple Site, Andong

안동 법흥사지 칠층전탑 ( 安東 法興寺址 七層塼塔 )

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Classification National Treasure
Name of Cultural Properties Seven-story Brick Pagoda at Beopheungsa Temple Site, Andong
Quantity 1 Pagoda
Designated Date 1962.12.20
Age The 8th century (Unified Silla)
Address 8-1, Beopheung-dong, Andong, Gyeongsangbuk-do

Standing 17m tall, the Seven-story Brick Pagoda at the Beopheungsa Temple Site is the largest and oldest brick pagoda remaining in Korea. Given that the name of the site where the pagoda stands is Beopheung-ri, it is assumed that the pagoda used to belong to Beopheungsa, a Buddhist temple built during the Unified Silla Period. The pagoda’s body stands on a single-story platform, and is made of firmly cumulated bricks. Eight Guardian Deities and Four Guardian Kings are carved out of granite on each side of the pedestal, while on the southern side there is stairway leading to the niche in the body of the first floor. Unfortunately, the upper side of the platform is now cemented.
The body is made of dark gray bricks without patterns, and there is a niche at the center of the first floor in which a Buddha statue would have been enshrined. The roofstone has a mark that shows there were roof tiles on its upper side, which is very different from common brick pagodas whose upper and lower roofstones are staircase-shaped. Though the pagoda is a high seven-story pagoda, it looks very stable. Considering that there is the mark of roofing tiles on the roof, it is estimated as a material that proves that the brick pagoda was built by imitating the appearance of wooden pagodas.