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Celadon Seated Arhat with Paste-on-paste White Dot Design

청자 퇴화점문 나한좌상 ( 靑磁 堆花點文 羅漢坐像 )

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Classification National Treasure
Name of Cultural Properties Celadon Seated Arhat with Paste-on-paste White Dot Design
Quantity 1 Item
Designated Date 1974.07.09
Age Early 12th century (Goryeo)
Address Seoul Gangnam-gu

This is a restoration of the six fragments of a sculpture found in Gukhwa-ri, Ganghwado Island in the 1950s. The man is looking down as if in meditation. Seated on the rock-shaped pedestal, it leans against the small table with folded arms and half-raised right knee. He has handsome eyes and eyebrows and a high nose. The pedestal, hair, eyebrows, pupils and some parts of the robe folds are painted in black with iron powder. The verge around the robe folds are embossed with dots using white clay without iron powder. This work, with its fine workmanship shown in a meditating posture and treatment of the table and rock pedestal, was eloquent of the sculptural art of the Goryeo period.