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Rock-carved Buddhas at Chilburam Hermitage in Namsan Mountain, Gyeongju

경주 남산 칠불암 마애불상군 ( 慶州 南山 七佛庵 磨崖佛像群 )

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Classification National Treasure
Name of Cultural Properties Rock-carved Buddhas at Chilburam Hermitage in Namsan Mountain, Gyeongju
Quantity 7 statues
Designated Date 2009.09.02
Age Unified Silla
Address 201, Chilburam-gil, Gyeongju, Gyeongsangbuk-do

The Buddhas of the Four Directions were set on the altar formed on a 4m-high embankment, whereas the images of the Buddha triad (Amitabha Buddha flanked by Bodhisattvas) were carved on a rock behind it. The image of Amitabha Buddha is seated on a lotus flower, displaying benevolence on the smiling face and imposing stature. The robe worn only on the left shoulder reveals the contour of the body in a realistic fashion. The right hand is placed on the knee, with the fingertips pointing downward. The left hand is placed on the abdomen. The images of Bodhisattvas on both sides of Amitabha Buddha wear a robe that delicately enshrouds the body. The three of them display imposing figures in an exquisite carving technique. Pieces of roof tiles found around the place make one believe that there was shelter for them. Based on the carving technique and characteristics in the patterns, they were made in or around the 8th century during the Unified Silla Period.