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Stone Lotus Pedestal of Geumsansa Temple, Gimje

김제 금산사 석련대 ( 金堤 金山寺 石蓮臺 )

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Classification Treasure
Name of Cultural Properties Stone Lotus Pedestal of Geumsansa Temple, Gimje
Quantity 1 stone pedestal
Designated Date 1963.01.21
Age Between Late Unified Silla and Early Goryeo (about 10th Century)
Address Geumsansa Temple, 1, Moak 15-gil, Geumsan-myeon, Gimje, Jeollabuk-do

This lotus-shaped stone pedestal used to support a statue of the Buddha. Compared with most other lotus pedestals it is rather huge and has an unusual structure. It is located beneath a stone-platform 10 meters southeast of Daejeokgwangjeon Hall in Geumsansa Temple, although many historians believe that it was moved there from another location.
The three vertical parts of the pedestal, hewn from a single block of stone, are so well made that the pedestal looks as it if were made from several pieces of stone. The surface of the top of the upper part of the pedestal is evenly cut and has two square holes which are assumed to have held a statue of the Buddha.
The lotus flower patterns enclosing the base of the upper part and the compact floral design create an impression of exuberance.
The hexagonal middle part features floral patterns in relief, while the bottom part is engraved with upside-down lotus flower patterns.
Overall, this pedestal follows the style of the Unified Silla Dynasty, although its exuberant decorative features have led historians to believe that it was built sometime between the Unified Silla Dynasty and the early Goryeo Dynasty.