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Ordination Platform of Geumsansa Temple, Gimje

김제 금산사 금강계단 ( 金堤 金山寺 金剛戒壇 )

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Classification Treasure
Name of Cultural Properties Ordination Platform of Geumsansa Temple, Gimje
Quantity 1 platform
Designated Date 1963.01.21
Age Goryeo
Address Geumsansa Temple, 1, Moak 15-gil, Geumsan-myeon, Gimje, Jeollabuk-do

First built in 600 (the second year of the reign of King Beop of the Baekje Dynasty), Geumsansa Temple is a Buddhist temple located on the slopes of Muaksan Mountain. The Buddhist monk Jinpyo enlarged the temple on a grand scale during the reign of King Gyeongdeok of the Unified Silla Dynasty. This is a stone pagoda lining abreast the five-story stone pagoda of Songdae in the shape of a stone bell. The pagoda stands on the square stone platform on the top of wide-two-story stylobate.
The bell-shaped pagoda is believed to have been adapted from the Indian style of Buddhist temple and appeared since the late Silla Dynasty. Since the outlook of the pagoda looks similar to the Buddhist bell, it is also called a "stone bell".
Every side of the stylobate is engraved with the images of Buddha and the Four Guardian Kings, the guardians of Buddhist temple. The stone-poles of the lower layer of the stylobate, which probably held stone-railings, have their faces. The stone sculptures of the Four Guardian Kings are erected on the four corners of the railings.
A wide prop that supports the main body of the pagoda has the engraving of the lion face on each edge and that of the lotus flower on the center. The main body of the pagoda in the shape of a bell stands on the stone platform. On the top part of the pagoda, nine dragons are carved with their heads forwarding out under the two stone plates, and two pieces of stones with engraving of a lotus flower and a round stone are put up.
The engraving on the stylobate and the stone railings with the images of the Four Guardian Kings show that there once stood the ordination platform to store the Buddha's own sarira. This pagoda is the oldest stone bell still existing in Korea. Judging by the fine structure and the exuberant sculptures decorating the pagoda, historians believe that it was built during the early period of the Goryeo Dynasty.