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Stupa of Buddhist Monk Jeunggak at Silsangsa Temple, Namwon

남원 실상사 증각대사탑 ( 南原 實相寺 證覺大師塔 )

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Classification Treasure
Name of Cultural Properties Stupa of Buddhist Monk Jeunggak at Silsangsa Temple, Namwon
Quantity 1 stupa
Designated Date 1963.01.21
Age Unified Silla
Address Silsangsa Temple, 94-129, Ipseok-gil, Sannae-myeon, Namwon, Jeollabuk-do

This funerary stupa, built in the typical octagonal style of the period, contains the sarira of Buddhist Monk Jeunggak, a great monk of the late Silla Dynasty. Jeunggak is the posthumous name bestowed upon the State Preceptor Hong Cheok.
The stylobate of the stupa consists of several octagonal stone tiers on top of which a stone decorated with a lotus floral pattern is laid. The engraving on each layer is too defaced to discern the pattern, except the lotus flower on the upper supporting stone.
The main part of the stupa, consisting of the core and roof, is low. The octagonal core stone of the stupa is carved with pillar patterns at each of its corners, and arch-shaped door patterns on each of its sides. The door is guarded by Four Guardian Kings carved in relief. The eaves of the roof stone are similar to those of wooden structures. Judging by its general structure and engravings, it is assumed that the stupa was built in the late ninth century.