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Stupa of Buddhist Monk Nangwon at Bohyeonsa Temple, Gangneung

강릉 보현사 낭원대사탑 ( 江陵 普賢寺 朗圓大師塔 )

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Classification Treasure
Name of Cultural Properties Stupa of Buddhist Monk Nangwon at Bohyeonsa Temple, Gangneung
Quantity 1 stupa
Designated Date 1963.01.21
Age Goryeo
Address Bohyeonsa Temple 396, Bohyeon-gil, Seongsan-myeon, Gangneung, Gangwon-do

This octagonal stupa was erected for Nangwon, a famous Buddhist monk of the early Goryeo Dynasty, at Bohyeonsa Temple in Gangneung. It collapsed sometime in the past, and was later restored and relocated at the temple entrance, before being moved to its original site at the foot of Manwolsan Mountain in 1991. The stylobate supporting the stupa originally consisted of three-layer stones, but now the middle layer is missing and the upper layer is directly placed on the lower layer. One side of the core stone of the main body is engraved with a door and lock design. The roof stone is relatively thick and slants sharply. There are some traces which suggest flower patterns were originally engraved at its eight corners. The top ornament is placed on top of the roof stone. It is believed that this stupa was erected in 940 (the 23rd year of the reign of King Taejo of the Goryeo Dynasty) at the same time as the Stele for Buddhist Monk Nangwon (Treasure No. 192).