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Stone Seated Buddhas in Bukji-ri, Yeongju

영주 북지리 석조여래좌상(1963-1) ( 榮州 北枝里 石造如來坐像(1963-1) )

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Classification Treasure
Name of Cultural Properties Stone Seated Buddhas in Bukji-ri, Yeongju
Quantity 1 Buddha statue
Designated Date 1963.01.21

These seated Buddha statues were originally placed in a temple site over a mountain east of the Buseoksa Temple before being moved to the current location. The sculpture style indicates that they are the works of the same sculptor. The Buddha statue on the east side has a thin smile on his lips. Although both hands are gone, the two arms are raised to the chest to suggest Vairocana Buddha. The robe covering both shoulders has fine parallel folds that were popular at the time. The middle part of the pedestal is octagonal with one of the eight guardian demons carved on each side. The Buddha statue to the west has a more round body. These statues are a fine example of Vairocana Buddha statues that were popular during the late 9th century. With their realistic shape, parallel folds and posture, these statues are highly recognized for having unique characteristics of Buddhism and Buddhist art style of the time.