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Gilt-bronze Seated Bhaisajyaguru Buddha of Janggoksa Temple, Cheongyang

청양 장곡사 금동약사여래좌상 ( 靑陽 長谷寺 金銅藥師如來坐像 )

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Classification Treasure
Name of Cultural Properties Gilt-bronze Seated Bhaisajyaguru Buddha of Janggoksa Temple, Cheongyang
Quantity 1 Buddha statue
Designated Date 1963.01.21
Age Goryeo
Address Janggoksa Temple 241, Janggok-gil, Daechi-myeon, Cheongyang-gun, Chungcheongnam-do

Janggoksa Temple has two Daeungjeon Halls, and this Gilt-bronze Seated Bhaisajyaguru Buddha is enshrined in the Lower Daeungjeon Hall. The usnisa (a protuberance symbolizing supreme wisdom) shaped like a topknot on the curly hair is large but not clear. There is an ornament shaped like a half moon on the crown of the head. The narrow oval face is neat and elegant, but it does not have the smile of other Silla Dynasty Buddha statues. The body sits cross-legged, slender, balanced, and stable. The shoulders are narrow and the clothing covering the shoulders looks thick. There are also thick folds in the clothing and the knotted band at the waist looks as if it is moving. The Buddha is holding a medicine case in its left hand and the thumb and middle finger of the right hand are together. Even the fingernails on the hands are carved in detail. A record saying the reason and year of its construction was found when the bottom of the statue was opened and investigated in 1959. It showed that the statue was made in 1436, the second year of the reign of King Chungmok of the Goryeo Dynasty. This is a good example of the Buddha statue style that was popular in the Chungcheong-do region in late Goryeo.