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Geungnakjeon Hall of Baekheungam Hermitage of Eunhaesa Temple, Yeongcheon

영천 은해사 백흥암 극락전 ( 永川 銀海寺 百興庵 極樂殿 )

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Classification Treasure
Name of Cultural Properties Geungnakjeon Hall of Baekheungam Hermitage of Eunhaesa Temple, Yeongcheon
Quantity 1 building
Designated Date 1984.07.05
Age King Injong of Joseon
Address 951-792, Cheongtong-ro, Cheongtong-myeon, Yeongcheon, Gyeongsangbuk-do

Baekheungam Hermitage was built in late Silla, and originally belonged to the main temple, Eunhaesa. These were intended to deify King Injong on Palgongsan Mountain in 1546, the first year of King Myeongjong of Joseon. Baekheungam was designated as the guardian temple. Geungnakjeon was built in 1643, the 21st year of King Injo, and had been through several periods of repair. It enshrines Amitabha Buddha triad symbolizing paradise and comprises three by three kan (a unit of measurement referring to the distance between two columns) with hip-and-gable roof. The eaves of the roof are held up by brackets set up not only on the pillars but also between them. This building style is known as dapo style, and its shape and structure are typical of early Joseon. The center of the inner ceiling is made higher while the surrounding is lower. The altar, which is designed to hold a Buddha statue, is designated as Cultural Treasure No. 486 because the carving is unique and excellent. Its dancheong and wall painting, believed to have been painted in later Joseon, are also outstanding. It is regarded as an important research material because it embodies the architecture style of early Joseon.