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Nahanjeon Hall of Seonghyeolsa Temple, Yeongju

영주 성혈사 나한전 ( 榮州 聖穴寺 羅漢殿 )

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Classification Treasure
Name of Cultural Properties Nahanjeon Hall of Seonghyeolsa Temple, Yeongju
Quantity 1 building
Designated Date 1985.01.08
Address Seonghyeolsa Temple 459-99, Jukgye-ro, Sunheung-myeon, Yeongju, Gyeongsangbuk-do

Seonghyeolsa Temple was first built by Buddhist Monk Uisang during the Silla Period. All the buildings of the temple are arranged in accordance with topography. Nahanjeon (Hall of the Attained Ones) is a place for the enshrinement of arahant, enlightened disciples of Buddha. A record containing details of the hall's construction and the names of the participants, found during 1984 repair work, shows that the hall was first built in the 8th year of the reign of King Myeongjong (1553) and rebuilt in the 12th year of the reign of King Injo (1634). It comprises 3-kan (a unit of measurement referring to the distance between two columns) front space and 1-kan side space and it has a gable roof called matbaejibung. The brackets which support the eaves of the roof are set up not only on the pillars but also between them. This building style is known as dapo style. The front windows are decorated with sculptures. Most notably, the window in the center is elaborately engraved with fish, crab, lotus, bird and child designs.