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Three-story Stone Pagoda of Naewonsa Temple, Sancheong

산청 덕산사 삼층석탑 ( 山淸 德山寺 三層石塔 )

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Classification Treasure
Name of Cultural Properties Three-story Stone Pagoda of Naewonsa Temple, Sancheong
Quantity 1
Designated Date 1992.01.15
Address Naewonsa Temple 256, Daehanaewon-ro, Samjang-myeon, Sancheong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do

This three-story stone pagoda stands in front of Daeungjeon Hall of Naewonsa Temple and consists of a two-story platform and a three-story body. The carvings in pillar design are clearly evident on the platform and the pagoda body, but they are seriously damaged by fire. It has thin and flat roofstones, each of which is propped by four-story supports, with the edges of the eaves stretching upward. This pagoda is regarded as a good example in studying the characteristics of stone pagodas built in the later years of the Unified Silla Period.