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Gilt-bronze Padlocks and Gong of Hancheonsa Temple, Yecheon

예천 한천사 금동 자물쇠 및 쇠북 ( 醴泉 寒天寺 金銅 鎖金 및 金鼓 )

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Classification Treasure
Name of Cultural Properties Gilt-bronze Padlocks and Gong of Hancheonsa Temple, Yecheon
Quantity 4
Designated Date 1992.07.28
Address Jikjisa Museum 89, Bugam-gil, Daehang-myeon, Gimcheon, Gyeongsangbuk-do

These three gilt-bronze padlocks and bronze gong were found on January 15, 1989 during the restoration work done in Hancheonsa Temple. 1) Gilt-bronze padlocks: 1 This padlock is exquisitely decorated with scroll designs drilled at both ends of the body. It is 30.2 cm long and 12.6 cm wide, with the keyhole located on the left side. The suspender has a shape of lotus bud and resembles a hairpin. 2 This padlock is 18.2 cm long and 4.3 cm wide. Although it also has scroll designs at both ends of the body, they were not made by drilling. The suspender is the same as the one described above. 3 This padlock is 17.5 cm long and 4.4 cm wide. The features of this padlock are similar to those of the first one, including the scroll designs at both ends. 2) Bronze gong: Called banja in Korean, this kind of gong was used as a percussion instrument at Buddhist temples in order to gather the public at large or to announce an emergency. It is also called geumgo and geumgu. This one has the typical shape of gongs made in the Goryeo Period. It has diameter of 39 cm and mouth diameter of 22.5 cm. The mouth is decorated with a simplified scroll design. Although there are three links to hang it, one of them is now gone.