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Daeungbojeon Hall of Buryeongsa Temple, Uljin

울진 불영사 대웅보전 ( 蔚珍 佛影寺 大雄寶殿 )

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Classification Treasure
Name of Cultural Properties Daeungbojeon Hall of Buryeongsa Temple, Uljin
Quantity 1
Designated Date 1994.05.02
Age Joseon
Address Buryeongsa Temple 48, Buryeongsa-gil, Seo-myeon, Uljin-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do

Buryeongsa Temple is said to have been built by Buddhist Monk Uisang in the 5th year of the reign of Queen Jindeok (651) of the Silla Dynasty. Daeungbojeon Hall is the main Buddha hall where a statue of Sakyamuni Buddha is enshrined. Based on the record on the painting of Buddha, which is kept in the hall, the present hall seems to have been built in the 11th year of the reign of King Yeongjo (1735) of Joseon. The hall measures 3 kan (unit of measurement referring to the distance between two columns) on the front and 3 kan on the lateral side and has a hip and gable roof with “八”-shaped sides. Multi-cluster brackets are installed not only on the column tops but also on the outer tie beams between the columns. This building style is known as dapo style. The brackets are elaborately sculptured. The hall is decorated with dancheong or multi-colored paintwork. Although the dancheong on the outer walls has lost its original appearance, that on the inner walls has been well-preserved. The paintings on the ceiling, walls, beams, and pillars of the hall are considered to be excellent. The hall is of great significance in studying the architectural style and techniques, Buddhist paintings, and dancheong of the late Joseon Dynasty.