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Three-story Stone Pagoda of Samhwasa Temple, Donghae

동해 삼화사 삼층석탑 ( 東海 三和寺 三層石塔 )

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Classification Treasure
Name of Cultural Properties Three-story Stone Pagoda of Samhwasa Temple, Donghae
Quantity 1
Designated Date 1998.04.06
Age Late 9th Century
Address 584, Mureung-ro, Donghae, Gangwon-do

This one stands on a two-tiered platform, looking rather tall compared to the others. The upper tier carries column-shaped inscriptions on the four corners and center of each side. It has a separate stone supporting the body of the pagoda at the top of the upper tier of the platform. Each tier of the body is composed of a body stone and a roof stone, with the top tier shorter than the second tier, which is also shorter than the bottom tier. The pagoda has cracks and damaged parts here and there but has generally been preserved well. Overall, it shows a well-balanced, graceful body. It is presumed to have been made in the late 9th Century based on the composition of the platform and use of a separate stone supporting the body. In April 1997, the pagoda was moved to its present location from the place in front of the Great Buddha Hall. A wooden casket, found from the top tier of the platform, contained 25 agalmatolite-made miniature pagodas, 2 bronze miniature pedestals, 6 iron carvings, and 1 sheet of paper containing the relevant information.