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Stupa of Buddhist Monk Soyo at Baegyangsa Temple, Jangseong

장성 백양사 소요대사탑 ( 長城 白羊寺 逍遙大師塔 )

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Classification Treasure
Name of Cultural Properties Stupa of Buddhist Monk Soyo at Baegyangsa Temple, Jangseong
Quantity 1
Designated Date 2002.09.25
Age Joseon (About 1650)
Address 20, Yaksu-ri, Bukha-myeon, Jangseong-gun, Jeollanam-do

This granite stupa (height: 156cm) was set up in honor of Monk Soyo (1562-1649), who served as the Chief Monk of Baegyangsa Temple. It is composed of the platform, the body, and the stupa finial. The octagonal platform contains grass/flower patterns on each side, with the exception of a side inscribed with a tortoise. The top of the platform has the shape of lotus flowers facing downward. The body looks like a traditional bell including four yugwak (square-shaped ornamental space with nine lotus flower-shaped nipples arranged symmetrically) and yongnyu (cannon). The bottom of the bell-shaped part has two parallel lines, with eight animals like crab inscribed between the two lines. The top of the bell shows inscribed patterns. The part between yugwak and the bottom feature four dragons. Three characters (逍遙堂 pronounced Soyodang) are inscribed in a picture frame-shaped inscription in the front, showing that the stupa was set up to pay tribute to Monk Soyo. The carving made on the stupa finial shows four dragon heads biting a stone. It also includes cloud patterns with a magic bead on its top. There are other stupas for Monk Soyo at Yongchusa Temple in Damyang and Yeongoksa Temple in Gurye. The one in Gurye (Treasure No. 154) was set up in 1650 (the first year of King Hyojong’s reign). The one in Baegyangsa is believed to have been set up in 1650 or later based on the year the monk passed away and the year when the one in Yeongoksa was set up. He became a monk in Baegyangsa at the age of 13, studying under Monks Burim and Seosan. Later, he served as a monk in charge of guiding other monks on meditation in Zen Buddhism in Baegyangsa. This stupa in Baegyangsa Temple, Jangseong is a rare example of a stupa showing the shape of a bell in detail.