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Wooden Seated Vairocana Buddha Triad of Hwaeomsa Temple, Gurye

구례 화엄사 목조비로자나삼신불좌상 ( 求禮 華嚴寺 木造毘盧遮那三身佛坐像 )

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Classification Treasure
Name of Cultural Properties Wooden Seated Vairocana Buddha Triad of Hwaeomsa Temple, Gurye
Quantity 3
Designated Date 2008.03.12
Age 17th Century (1636)
Address Hwaeomsa Temple 539, Hwaeomsa-ro, Masan-myeon, Gurye-gun, Jeollanam-do

These Buddhas of Three Bodies – Vairocana, Rocana and Sakyamuni – representing the threefold body or nature of the Buddha worshiped in Avatamsaka (Hwaeom) School are enshrined at Daeungjeon Hhall of Hwaeomsa Temple. They stand for the dharma body, the bliss body and the transformation body, respectively. This is a rare case where sculpted images of all these three Buddhas remain, especially the Rocana wearing a crown, while they often appear together in paintings. These images are large and majestic, with the simple but thick folds in the robes adding to their solemn impressions. According to a record of Hwaeomsa Temple history, compiled in 1697, the images were jointly carved in 1636 by several famous sculptor monks, including Cheongheon, Yeongi, Ingyun and Eungwon, who were active around the Jeolla-do and Gyeongsang-do Region in the 17th century. Clearly dated, the images are highly evaluated as important references for the study of 17th century Buddhist sculpture as well as iconographic research.