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Joseon paldo gogeum chongnamdo (Comprehensive Map of the Eight Provinces of Korea of Past and Present)

조선팔도고금총람도 ( 朝鮮八道古今總覽圖 )

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Classification Treasure
Name of Cultural Properties Joseon paldo gogeum chongnamdo (Comprehensive Map of the Eight Provinces of Korea of Past and Present)
Quantity 1
Designated Date 2008.12.22
Age 1673
Address Seoul Museum of History 55, Saemunan-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul

This woodblock print map of Korea records the local history of different regions, so it offers both geographic and historical knowledge about the country. The map was made by Kim Su-hong (1602-1681), the grandson of Kim Sang-yong who perished in battle in Ganghwado Island during the Manchu Invasion of 1636-1637. He once served as vice minister of taxation. The inscription along the left edge notes the map was made in the height of summer in the gyechuk year, which corresponds to 1673 (the 14th year of King Hyeonjong’s reign). In 1666 (the 7th year of King Hyeonjong’s reign), Kim had made Cheonha gogeum daechong pyeollamdo (Great World Map of Past and Present). Korea in this map is presented in its typical shape often found in other maps of the early Joseon Dynasty. The Amnokgang and Dumangang Rivers along the northern border are depicted on one horizontal line, with Pyeongan-do and Hamgyeong-do Provinces severely flattened. Seoul is depicted larger than scale, with Gyeongbokgung Palace, the State Council and the Six Ministries before Gwanghwamun Gate, as well as Nambyeolgung, or the Southern Royal Villa, which stood at the present site of Westin Chosun Hotel. With its unique content integrating geographic information with historical knowledge, the map is highly estimated for having explored new realms in cartography. Its historic and academic value is further heightened by clear indication of the production date and identity of the mapmaker.