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Yeongsanjeon Hall of Tongdosa Temple, Yangsan

양산 통도사 영산전 ( 梁山 通度寺 靈山殿 )

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Classification Treasure
Name of Cultural Properties Yeongsanjeon Hall of Tongdosa Temple, Yangsan
Quantity 1 building / 269.0㎡
Designated Date 2014.06.05
Age Joseon
Address 108, Tongdosa-ro, Habuk-myeon, Yangsan-si, Gyeongsangnam-do

Yeongsanjeon Hall of Tongdosa Temple in Yangsan is the central building of the temple’s Harojeon Area. It was built facing south and is flanked by two prayer halls, Geungnakjeon and Yaksajeon. No one knows exactly when the hall was originally built, but according to a document (written in 1717 and currently stored in the Tongdosa Museum) about the restoration of the hall together with Cheonwangmun Gate, it is clear that both buildings were destroyed by fire in 1713 and rebuilt the following year. The current hall features a three-kan* by three-kan structure installed with multiple clusters of decorative brackets supporting a simple gable roof.
Yeongsanjeon Hall is famous for the series of murals painted on its interior walls, of which one depicting the treasure pagoda discussed in The Lotus Sutra is particularly highly regarded not only for its artistic merit but also because it is Korea’s only extant illustration of the topic dating from the pre-modern period.
(*kan: a unit of measurement referring to the distance between two columns)