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Buddhist Altar at Daeungjeon Hall of Jikjisa Temple, Gimcheon

김천 직지사 대웅전 수미단 ( 金泉 直指寺 大雄殿 須彌壇 )

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Classification Treasure
Name of Cultural Properties Buddhist Altar at Daeungjeon Hall of Jikjisa Temple, Gimcheon
Quantity 1 altar
Designated Date 2015.03.04
Age Joseon
Address (Jikjisa Temple, Daehang-myeon) 95, Jikjisa-gil, Gimcheon-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do

The wooden Buddhist altar in the main dharma hall of Jikjisa Temple in Gimcheon, made at the time of the hall’s renovation, is highly representative of wooden works of its kind produced in Korea during the mid-seventeenth century. The altar is combined with the statues of a Buddha triad, murals, and dancheong decoration known to have been produced in 1668, as well as the altar painting of another triad completed in 1744. It is now regarded as a valuable example of the ornamental altars produced in the late Joseon period.
The diverse symbolic ornamental objects and motifs arranged in a diorama style, an element rarely seen in other altars of the same period, the high relief carving and decoration in multiple vivid colors make it a fine example of the art of woodworking of late Joseon.