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Bowonsa Temple Site, Seosan

서산 보원사지 ( 瑞山 普願寺址 )

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Classification Historic Site
Name of Cultural Properties Bowonsa Temple Site, Seosan
Quantity 102,886㎡
Designated Date 1987.07.18
Age Late Unified Silla - Early Goryeo
Address 105, Yonghyeon-ri, Unsan-myeon, Seosan, Chungcheongnam-do

It was located at Bowon Village in Sangwangsan Mountain; with residents moving out, however, only the temple site remains at present. When it was built is not clear, but it is presumed to be the end of the Unified Silla or early Goryeo period. Nonetheless, the discovered Gilt-bronze Standing Buddha in the Age of Baekje suggests that it might have been made in the Age of Baekje. Looking at the record written on the Stele for State Preceptor Beopin, about 1,000 monks had stayed at the temple, which is estimated to be quite big at that time. The remaining many cultural assets consist of the Stone Basin at the Bowonsa Temple Site (Treasure No. 102), Flagpole Supports (Treasure No. 103), Five-story Stone Pagoda (Treasure No. 104), Stupa of State Preceptor Beopin (Treasure No. 105), etc. It is one of the three major temples in the Chungcheongnam-do area, with the Rock-carved Buddha Triad in Seosan in the neighborhood. The Buddhist relics are regionally distributed in a concentrated aspect and are of big help to the research on Buddhist history.