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Naksansa Temple and Surroundings, Yangyang

양양 낙산사 일원 ( 襄陽 洛山寺 一圓 )

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Classification Historic Site
Name of Cultural Properties Naksansa Temple and Surroundings, Yangyang
Quantity 92,637㎡
Designated Date 2008.12.18
Address 100, Naksansa-ro, Ganghyeon-myeon, Yangyang-gun, Gangwon-do

Three excavations were conducted on the site of Naksansa Temple after it was destroyed by wildfire in 2005. As a result, it was confirmed that the temple underwent several major reconstructions after its foundation by Great Master Uisang in 671, the 11th year of the reign of King Munmu of Silla. The temple was repaired and expanded in 858, the second year of King Heonan of Unified Silla, under the initiative of National Preceptor Beomil. It was reconstructed again during the reign of King Sejo (r.1455-1468) of the Joseon Dynasty. The temple compound has several designated cultural heritages, including a seven-story stone pagoda from early Joseon, the walls surrounding the Wontongbojeon Hall dedicated to Avalokitesvara, Hongnyemun Gate, a stupa, Hongnyeonam Hermitage, and Uisangdae Pavilion, which is located on a cliff overlooking the coast. The beautiful scenery of the adjacent beaches has long been prized as one of the eight most outstanding scenes of Gangwon-do Province, and has inspired many literary works.