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Tangeumdae Height, Chungju

충주 탄금대 ( 忠州 彈琴臺 )

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Classification Scenic Site
Name of Cultural Properties Tangeumdae Height, Chungju
Quantity 289,492㎡(Designated Area)
Designated Date 2008.07.09
Address San 1-1, Chilgeum-dong, Chungju, Chungcheongbuk-do

The Tangeummdae Height in Chungju earned its name from the fact that the Ureuk, considered one of the three greatest musicians in Korean history, played the gayageum (twelve-stringed Korean zither) at this place. Tangeumdae is also famously remembered as the height from which General Sillip, after his defeat in a battle against the Japanese led by Soseo-haengjang, jumped to his death, during Imjin waeran (Japanese Invasion of Korea of 1592). The soaring cliff, hugged by the Namhangang River, has a lush pinewood at the top. From there, one can gain a sweeping view over its scenic surroundings. Mt. Gyemyeongsan and Mt. Namsan stand tall, in picturesque beauty, amidst the vast plain around them with the downtown section of Chungju visible from afar.