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Saseongam Hermitage and Surroundings, Gurye

구례 오산 사성암 일원 ( 求禮 鼇山 四聖庵 一圓 )

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Classification Scenic Site
Name of Cultural Properties Saseongam Hermitage and Surroundings, Gurye
Quantity 71,129㎡
Designated Date 2014.08.28
Address 303, Saseongam-gil, Muncheok-myeon, Gurye-gun, Jeollanam-do

Saseongam Hermitage, located on Osan Mountain in Gurye, is a fine vantage point from which to admire the panoramic view of the Seomjingang River, the seven myeon (townships) of Gurye-eup, and the peaks of Jirisan Mountain. It forms part of a harmonious, beautiful landscape along with the rocks and peaks of Osan Mountain.
As Osan Mountain has long been admired for its beautiful landscape, there is a record in Bongseongji magazine (published by Guryehyanggyo Local Confucian School in 1800) which states: ‘As its magnificent-looking rocks are similar to those of Geumgangsan Mountain, it has also been called Sogeumgang (literally meaning Little Geumgang Mountain) since ancient times.’ Furthermore, Saseongam Hermitage, which is set against the steep wall of rocks around the top of Osan Mountain, is said to have been built in 544 (the 22nd year of the reign of King Seong of Baekje) by Buddhist Monk Yeongi. It was originally called Osanam but was renamed Saseongam, or the “Hermitage of Four Saints,” in honor of the four Buddhist monks, Uisang, Wonhyo, State preceptors Doseon and Jingak, who lived and practiced asceticism here.