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Natural Monument

해남 대둔산 왕벚나무 자생지 ( 海南 大屯山 왕벚나무 自生地 )

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Classification Natural Monument
Name of Cultural Properties

Quantity 32,397㎡ (Designated area)
Designated Date 1966.01.13
Address San 24-1, Gurim-ri, Samsan-myeon, Haenam-gun, Jeollanam-do

As an endemic species on Jejudo Island and Daedunsan Mountain, Yoshino Cherries bloom in April before the leaves of this tree are out. Its flower is white or light-pink. At one time, these trees were cut down by the Korean people who regard the flower of this tree as the national flower of Japan. The natural habitat of these trees is located at the foot of Daedunsan Mountain behind Daeheungsa Temple. There are two Yoshino Cherries growing here and the height of the taller tree is 15 meters, and its girth is 0.8 meters while the age of these trees is unknown. The smaller tree has height of 7 meters and girth of 0.3 meters. Except Jejudo Island, this place is the only natural habitat of Yoshino Cherry in the inland area of Korea. Therefore, the Natural Habitat is protected by iron fence. The natural habitat of the Yoshino Cherries is designated and conserved as a Natural Monument because of the tree’s high biological value as an endangered species.