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Natural Monument

고창 선운사 동백나무 숲 ( 高敞 禪雲寺 冬柏나무 숲 )

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Classification Natural Monument
Name of Cultural Properties

Quantity 45,092㎡ (Designated area)
Designated Date 1967.02.17
Address San 68, Samin-ri, Asan-myeon, Gochang-gun, Jeollabuk-do

Distributed in Japan, China, and Korea, the Camellia grows on the south coast or on the islands of Korea. Its beautiful flowers blossom in early spring and it is called "Camellia in spring," "Camellia in fall," or “Camellia in winter" depending on the blossoming season. The forest was formed after the Seonunsa Temple was built in the 24th year of the reign of King Wideok of Baekje (577). It measures 6m in height and its girth is about 30cm. Since the Forest of Common Camellias at Seonunsa Temple, Gochang is really beautiful and biologically valuable, it is designated and protected as a Natural Monument.