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Tangible Cultural Heritage

Seated Stone Vairocana Statue at Gamsansa

감산사석조비로자나불좌상 ( 甘山寺石造毘盧舍那佛坐像 )

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Classification Tangible Cultural Heritage
Name of Cultural Properties Seated Stone Vairocana Statue at Gamsansa
Designated Date 2000.09.04

Gamsan temple was built by Gim Ji-seong in 719, the 18th year of Silla King Seongdeok. to pray for the repose of his parents and the good health of his clan and the king.
The head of this Buddhist image(Vairocana Statue) enshrined in Daejeokgwangjeon was broken and the face was much worn out. The pedestal and the halo were disappeared.
This stone statue is believed to have been made in the early period of Korean Vairocana statue-manufactured history.